Option Instruments

Given an exchange parameter and underlying currency (ex: deribit, BTC) this endpoint retrieves a list of all available active option.

Users can pass a “timestamp” parameter to view the available active instruments at some point in the past.

Users can also pass additional parameters to filter to a more narrow subset of tradable instruments.

payload.metadata.api-versionstringVersion of the API.
payload.data[index].currencybooleanThe currency.
payload.data[index].exchangestringThe name of the exchange.
payload.data[index].expirationstringThe expiration date & time.
payload.data[index].instrumentstringThe name of the instrument as formatted by Amberdata.
payload.data[index].multipliernumberThe contract multiplier.
payload.data[index].nativeInstrumentstringThe name of the instrument, as provided by the exchange.
payload.data[index].putCallstringWhether this record is a put or a call.
payload.data[index].strikestringThe strike price.
payload.data[index].timestampnumber | stringThe date & time of the last known record.

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