Spot Trading

Note: This dataset is updated daily and available via API only.


The spot trading metrics provide insights into Centralized Exchange (CEX) trends and spot trading pair trends. The dashboards are split between exchange overviews, USD & stablecoin overviews, and frequently traded token overviews giving researchers, analysts, and traders a comprehensive overview of the ongoing and historical market trends. This dashboard on AmberLens is restricted to three months of historical data.

Use Case

Traders using Centralized Exchanges can understand the overall exchange trade history including trading volume market share by exchange, by token type, and a perspective on how frequently traded tokens impact overall trading volumes. By evaluating trading pair history, traders can gain a better perspective on which token pairs are gaining momentum and which pairs are losing adoption.

Researchers interested in spot trading dynamics such as trends across exchanges due to newsworthy events or trading volumes by specific pairs can use this information to better correlate with macroeconomic trends and form a macro view of the market.

Analysts often use trading volume market share to identify trends in exchange profitability or impacts on token listings or market sentiment towards trading volume on centralized exchanges.


These dashboards utilize Amberdata’s Market Data endpoints: OHLCV and Metrics.