Our multi-chain DeFi Metrics show aggregates of DeFi lending and give visibility into how wallets interact with protocols.


Lending Protocol Summary Metrics: Multi-chain daily aggregate insights like borrows, deposits, liquidations, and revenue for a specified lending protocol.

Lending Asset Summary Metrics: Understand how an asset performs within a lending protocol with multi-chain aggregate metrics for a specified asset.

Track Lending Wallet Positions: Shows complete visibility into a wallet's breakout positions across lending and borrowing protocols. Understand historical balances, track lending and borrowing history, and evaluate asset exposure.


Our multi-chain coverage includes Compound v2 and v3, MakerDAO, and Aave v2 and v3.

Aave v2XXX
Aave v3XXXXX
Compound v2X
Compound v3XXX

API Endpoints





Our DeFi lending metrics endpoints are available via REST API for historical (time series) data and AWS S3 for bulk downloads. Sample files are available to download here.