USD Balance Bucket


The USD Balance Buckets offer a comprehensive overview of addresses and their token holdings across a range of balances, covering amounts from small fractions up to $10,000,000 USD.

We cover ETH and BTC for balance buckets.

Use Case


Traders use USD Balance Bucket metrics to track network dynamics, including address balance changes, asset liquidity shifts, and profit fluctuations, guiding strategic trading decisions.


Analysts leverage these metrics for enhancing portfolio analysis, focusing on profitability and wallet distribution to make informed recommendations.


Researchers employ this data to identify market trends and patterns in network behavior, aiding in comprehensive market studies.


USD Balance Buckets categorize address balances into distinct groups, detailing the number of addresses and the total balance within each category.

  1. When the balance, after being multiplied by the current BTC or ETH price, equals 0, it is classified as '0 USD'.
  2. For balances resulting in less than $100 USD after conversion, they fall under the '100 USD' category.
  3. Balances yielding less than $1,000 USD but exceeding the previous category are labeled as '1,000 USD'.
  4. This progression continues upwards, with each category accommodating increasingly larger amounts: '10,000 USD', '100,000 USD', '1,000,000 USD', and '10,000,000 USD'.
  5. Any balance equal to or exceeding $10,000,000 USD is grouped into the '10,000,000+ USD' category.