Google BigQuery

Select datasets are accessible through Google BigQuery, providing an enterprise-grade data warehouse solution for large-scale analytics. Our integration with BigQuery allows for swift data retrieval and analysis, taking advantage of BigQuery's serverless infrastructure and advanced SQL query execution capabilities, all within Google's robust cloud services ecosystem.

BigQuery Datasets

Market TypeFeature TypeBigQuery Table Name
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Why is delivery via BigQuery important?

  • BigQuery offers high-speed analytics on large volumes of data, facilitated by Google's powerful infrastructure. It provides seamless data exploration, real-time analytics, and machine learning capabilities. For our customers, this means enhanced access to historical datasets with the convenience of BigQuery's serverless data warehouse, which excels in performance, scalability, and ease of integration with other Google Cloud services. It serves as a robust addition to REST API and Amazon S3 offerings, ideal for complex queries and big data analytics.

How does a customer get access to these datasets?

  • To access datasets in BigQuery, customers should have a Google Cloud account. We provide managed access by sharing the necessary datasets directly within BigQuery. For detailed instructions on gaining access or if you're looking to integrate data with BigQuery, please contact our sales team or your Account Executive.

How do I preview BigQuery datasets to understand the available fields?

  • Customers can preview available Amberdata datasets in Google Analytics Hub. Our datasets are listed with comprehensive schema descriptions, and sample queries are provided to help you get started with data exploration and analysis.