What blockchains do you cover?

What exchanges do you cover?

How does Amberdata ensure the quality and integrity of data?

  • We cover the top-rated exchanges with the most volume. Before we add an exchange, we evaluate the stability of the API as well as data collection, documentation, and granularity. This ensures that we only support certain, validated exchanges so that our data is clean and correct. Our data is even used by several exchanges for their own trade surveillance.

Can you pull data for multiple markets in one API call?

  • Yes! We have batch endpoints where you can pull multiple instruments per exchange.

What are your naming conventions and normalizations?

What are your timestamp conventions?

  • We use Unix time stamping conventions expressed in UTC.

What is your historical data coverage?

  • Please see our Market Data Coverage section to see when our spots, futures, swaps, and options markets begin coverage.