BTC Balance Buckets: Number of Addresses


The Number of Addresses BTC balance bucket provides an aggregation of the number of addresses and the total number of tokens held by addresses with various balances, ranging from small fractions to over 10,000 BTC.

Use Case


Traders utilize the breakdown of addresses by balance to gauge network trends. Changes in the number of addresses within each bucket shift from liquid to illiquid balances, and variations in profitable addresses can guide buying and selling strategies.


Analysts leverage these metrics for enhancing portfolio analysis, focusing on profitability and wallet distribution to make informed recommendations.


Researchers employ this data to identify market trends and patterns in network behavior, aiding in comprehensive market studies.


The Number of Addresses BTC Balance Bucket categorizes address balances into different groups, indicating the number of addresses and the total balance within each group:

  1. If the amount is exactly 0, it's classified as '0 BTC'.
  2. For amounts less than 0.000001, we round it to '0.000001 BTC'.
  3. Amounts falling below 0.00001 but above the previous category are noted as '0.00001 BTC'.
  4. This pattern continues upwards, with each category capturing progressively larger amounts: '0.0001 BTC', '0.001 BTC', '0.01 BTC', '0.1 BTC', '1 BTC', '10 BTC', '100 BTC', '1000 BTC', and '10000 BTC'.
  5. Any amount 10,000 or above is classified into the '10000+ BTC' category.