ARC Overview and Details


Asset Reference and Classification (ARC) is an institutional-grade security master database for digital assets that aims to provide a transparent and robust approach to the digital asset market to promote effective regulation, alignment, innovation, and risk mitigation. As the first open-source digital asset standard, ARC enables institutions to keep accurate records of highly dynamic digital assets across various dimensions. ARC contains reference and categorization details about a digital asset, such as asset names and addresses across blockchains, exchanges it trades on, spot and derivatives instruments of the asset, instrument contract specifications, and use cases.

While ARC is an open-source standard, Amberdata is the primary maintainer of ARC and provides clear contribution guidelines for the larger community to contribute to and expand this digital asset security master database. ARC is updated weekly, with the eventual goal of being updated daily, and is available to the public via Github, analytics-friendly flat-file formats, and Amberdata’s API.


The initial ARC dataset will cover assets and instruments from the following exchanges. The coverage will expand as Amberdata increases coverage and public contributions are made to the dataset.

gdax (Coinbase)X
Huobi (HTX)XX

Please see the API Docs for response field schemas.


Our complete methodology can be found in the ARC White Paper.

Data Delivery

ARC can be consumed through several different mechanisms.

Public access is available directly from its GitHub repository ( In the GitHub repository, the contents of ARC are provided in JSON format to enable easy exploration and comprehension of the dataset.

Customers of Amberdata can also consume ARC through REST API endpoints. The endpoints are documented here.

Contribution Guidelines

ARC is an open-source dataset that is available to the public and thereby any user that is interested in understanding the digital asset landscape. ARC is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Amberdata is the main contributor and maintainer of ARC and welcomes contributions to the dataset from the larger community. To facilitate high-quality participation and collaboration, contributors must adhere to the following contribution guidelines:

  1. Contributors must open individual pull requests for adding new assets, adding classification tags, and adding new instruments. This will ensure that all reviews are accurate and timely.
  2. Contributors should share Amberdata’s mission and vision to make ARC an industry-leading, verified, and trusted dataset for digital asset users, which requires that contributors adhere to the Code of Conduct described in the repository.
  3. All pull requests will be subject to automation and testing to ensure the quality of the changes.

Incorporation of Contributions

Once accepted and the pull request is merged, the new contributions will take up to one hour to be reflected in all of the dataset access methods for ARC.

These policies are also captured in the open-source repository (