BTC Balance Buckets: Supply Held


The BTC Supply Held metric compiles an aggregation of the total amount of BTC contained within various categorized buckets' specific ranges.

Use Case


Traders can use BTC distribution data to make better buy or sell decisions by tracking shifts in BTC holdings.


Analysts can improve portfolio strategies with insights from BTC balance trends.


Researchers can identify market trends by analyzing how BTC is distributed across wallets.


The BTC Supply Held metric categories BTC amounts into specific buckets:

  1. If the amount is exactly 0, it's classified as '0 BTC'.
  2. For amounts less than 0.000001, we round it to '0.000001 BTC'.
  3. Amounts falling below 0.00001 but above the previous category are noted as '0.00001 BTC'.
  4. This pattern continues upwards, with each category capturing progressively larger amounts: '0.0001 BTC', '0.001 BTC', '0.01 BTC', '0.1 BTC', '1 BTC', '10 BTC', '100 BTC', '1000 BTC', and '10000 BTC'.
  5. Any amount 10,000 or above is classified into the '10000+ BTC' category.