Trades InstrumentName


The Trades InstrumentName, Trades InstrumentName Orderbook, and Trades InstrumentName GvolDirection endpoints furnish in-depth analysis of options trading data, allowing for comprehensive insights into market behavior and trading patterns. These endpoints provide data from a given day for a particular exchange, revealing the trends, liquidity, and volatility that could shape investment decisions.


The Trades InstrumentName endpoint gives access to all the options times and sales data for a given exchange on a specific day. This historical data provides traders with detailed insight into the trading behavior for a particular instrument.

The Trades InstrumentName Orderbook endpoint extends the previous service by including orderbook details, offering a more profound understanding of the market depth and liquidity.

The Trades InstrumentName GvolDirection endpoint leverages the proprietary "GVol direction" algorithm, composed of over 30 heuristics that estimate the trade initiator's side. This unique tool offers an estimation of Market Makers (MMs) gamma exposure: the GVOL_GEX. This allows traders to gain insight into gamma exposures and understand the potential influence on market stability or volatility.

How does the Trades InstrumentName endpoint assist traders?

  • The Trades InstrumentName endpoint provides all the options times and sales data for a particular exchange on a specific day. This offers traders a historical insight into trading behaviors and patterns for a particular instrument.

What additional information does the Trades InstrumentName Orderbook endpoint provide?

  • The Trades InstrumentName Orderbook endpoint extends the Trades InstrumentName data by including orderbook details. This information provides a deeper understanding of market depth and liquidity, aiding traders in identifying potential opportunities and risks.

How is the GvolDirection algorithm applied in the Trades InstrumentName GvolDirection endpoint?

  • The GvolDirection algorithm estimates the "correct direction" or the side of the trade initiator/aggressor. By applying this algorithm, the Trades InstrumentName GvolDirection endpoint offers an estimation of Market Makers (MMs) gamma exposure, providing insights into potential market stability or volatility.

How can the Trades InstrumentName endpoints be used for effective risk management?

  • By providing detailed insights into options times, sales data, orderbook details, and gamma exposure of MMs, these endpoints enable traders to better understand potential risks. This information can be used to devise effective risk management strategies and make more informed trading decisions.

What is the significance of the GVOL GEX indicator?

  • The GVOL GEX indicator, derived from the proprietary GvolDirection algorithm, provides an estimation of the gamma exposure of MMs. This can help predict whether the underlying market is likely to be stable ("Positive/long gamma") or volatile ("Negative/short gamma"). This information can be vital in building effective trading strategies.