Lending Asset Summary Metrics

This API provides aggregated insights into the asset markets across various lending protocols.


Protocols Supported

This endpoint supports Aave v2, Aave v3, MakerDAO and Compound v2 on Ethereum and L2s except for Polygon.


Not specifying startDate and endDate

If the startDate and endDate query parameters are not provided, the API will return the data from the previous 180 days (6 months).


Time Range Limit

The maximum duration between endDate and startDate is 366 days (1 year).


USDC on MakerDAO

MakerDAO mints DAI with deposited USDC. In MakerDAO all borrowing activity, regardless of collateral is in DAI. Hence all deposited USDC is effectively borrowed and why totalDepositedUSD equals totalBorrowedUSD.


Asset Market on MakerDAO

In MakerDAO, a single asset, WETH can have multiple markets e.g. ETH-A, ETH-B, ETH-C etc. with different interest rates.

When calling the endpoint with just the asset like this /defi/lending/makerdao/assets/WETH/metrics/summary the endpoint will return the combined aggregates across all the markets for the specified asset.

However, you can get the aggregates for an individual market of an asset in MakerDAO with the market query parameter like this /defi/lending/makerdao/assets/WETH/metrics/summary?market=ETH-A.

The market query parameter is ONLY supported for MakerDAO.

Potential Use-Cases

You can use the aggregate data to analyze the health and activity of an asset on a protocol.

Sample Visualization

The responses from this endpoint can be visualized like this

Response Data

The table below described properties that are found under payload.data in the response.

metrics[index].timestampnumber | stringThe timestamp indicating the end of the day.
metrics[index].totalDepositedUSDnumberThe US dollar value of the deposited assets in the protocol at the end of this day.
metrics[index].totalBorrowedUSDnumberThe US dollar value of the borrowed assets in the protocol at the end of this day.
metrics[index].cumulativeLiquidatedUSDnumberSum of the liquidated value each day since the protocol's inception.
metrics[index].intervalDepositedUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of deposits.
metrics[index].intervalWithdrawnUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of withdraws.
metrics[index].intervalRepaidUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of repayments.
metrics[index].intervalBorrowedUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of borrows.
metrics[index].intervalLiquidatedUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of liquidation calls.
metrics[index].intervalFlashLoanedUSDnumberThe intra-day US dollar value of flash loans.
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