Blockchain Decimals & Denominations

Specifications for blockchain base decimals and denomination definitions

When interacting with Amberdata values, each blockchain has its own native decimal base denomination. The following is a reference for how to convert base values into top level known values.

For example, Bitcoin has 8 decimal places and the base is called a "Satoshi". Therefore, you can say: 1 Bitcoin is 100,000,000 Satoshis.

Blockchain Decimals Reference

Blockchain/NetworkDecimals (Scientific)Base, Top
Avalanche18 (1e18)nAVAX, AVAX
Bitcoin8 (1e8)satoshi, Bitcoin
Bitcoin Cash8 (1e8)satoshi, Bitcoin
Binance Smart Chain18 (1e18)Jager, BNB
Ethereum18 (1e18)wei, Ether
Litecoin8 (1e8)litecoin
Polygon18 (1e18)wei, MATIC
Solana9 (1e9)lamport, SOL