Blockchain Decimals & Denominations

Specifications for blockchain base decimals and denomination definitions

When interacting with Amberdata values, each blockchain has its own native decimal base denomination. The following is a reference for how to convert base values into top level known values.

For example, Bitcoin has 8 decimal places and the base is called a "Satoshi". Therefore, you can say: 1 Bitcoin is 100,000,000 Satoshis.

Blockchain Decimals Reference

Blockchain/NetworkDecimals (Scientific)Base, Top
Avalanche9 (1e9)nAVAX, AVAX
Bitcoin8 (1e8)satoshi, Bitcoin
Bitcoin Cash8 (1e8)satoshi, Bitcoin
Binance Smart Chain8 (1e8)Jager, BNB
Ethereum18 (1e18)wei, Ether
Litecoin8 (1e8)litecoin
Polygon18 (1e18)wei, MATIC
Solana9 (1e9)lamport, SOL
Zcash8 (1e8)zec, Zcash