Subscribes/Unsubscribes to market trade data.

Make sure you're connected to this subscription: wss:// Either the pair or exchange have to be specified - one needs to be specified, but both cannot be empty.


pairstringThe asset pair.
exchangestringThe exchange for which to retrieve asset pairs.

Note: Subscription response will include a field metadata which includes the names of the columns in the order in which they appeared in the event notification response.


"result": [
    "gdax",         <- exchange
    1554255266273,  <- timestamp
    0,              <- timestampNanoseconds
    61317759,       <- tradeId
    4942.87,        <- price
    0.01936412,     <- volume
    true            <- isBuy
exchangestringThe exchange.
timestampnumberThe time at which the trade took place.
timestampNanosecondsnumberThe nano second part of the timestampMilliseconds, where applicable.
tradeIdnumberThe unique id given by an exchange.
pricenumberThe quote price of the asset pair.
volumenumberThe number of assets traded in a specific asset pair within a given period of time.
isBuyboolIndicates if it is a buy or sell trade: true for a buy trade and false for a sell.


const WebSocket = require('ws');
const ws = new WebSocket('wss://', {headers: {x-api-key:'<api_key>'}});

ws.on('open', () => {
      jsonrpc: '2.0',
      method: 'subscribe',
      params: ["market:spot:trades",  {"pair": "btc_usd", "exchange": "gdax"}],
      id: 1,

ws.on('message', data => {
  console.log(JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(data), null, 2));