Retrieves the historical (time series) trade data for the specified instrument.

Note: This endpoint returns a max of 1 hour historical data per request. In order to get more than 1 hour you must use the startDate & endDate parameters to move the time frame window to get the next n hours/days/months of data.


exchangestringThe name of the exchange, as specified by the filter provided or representing the supported exchanges for this instrument.
timestampnumber | stringThe time at which the event occurred.
timestampNanosecondsnumberThe nanosecond part of the timestamp where applicable.
isBuybooleantrue if the trade is a buy, false otherwise.
pricenumericThe price at which the asset was traded.
volumenumericThe total amount of that asset that was traded.
tradeIdnumber | stringThe exchange provided id of the trade.
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