Exchanges Latest

Retrieves the latest exchange daily metrics for the specified decentralized exchange.


Protocols Supported

This endpoints supports Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3 and Sushiswap.

This endpoint does not support Curve or Balancer.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint only supports data from ethereum-mainnet.

Response Data

exchangeIdstringThe id of the exchange.
timestampnumber | stringThe timestamp associated with this record.
liquidityTotalWETHnumberTotal liquidity of the exchange (aka total value locked (TVL)), in WETH.
liquidityTotalUSDnumberTotal liquidity of the exchange (aka total value locked (TVL)), in USD.
pairsTradedTotalnumberTotal number of pairs which were traded during that period of time.
pairsCumulativeTotalnumberTotal number of unique pairs which were traded since the exchange was created.
tradesTotalnumberTotal number of trades during that period of time.
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