Retrieves the historical (time series) open-high-low-close for the specified pair. Note: The timestamp returned refers to the start of the candle.


Time Range Limit

The maximum time range (difference between startDate and endDate) is:

  • 12 months of daily data
  • 30 days of hourly data
  • 24 hours of minutely data

In order to get more than the maximum allowed, you can use the startDate & endDate parameters to move the time frame window to get the next n days/hours/minutes of data.


Not specifying startDate and endDate

If the startDate and endDate query parameters are not provided, the API will return the previous 12 months of daily data.

metadataobjectThe metadata associated with the ohlcv data.
dataobjectThe ohlcv data corresponding to the columns fields.
columnsarrayThe name of the columns associated with the returned data e.g. [ timestamp, open, ...].
timestampstringThe timestamp associated with this record.
opennumberThe opening price of the market pair.
highnumberThe highest price of the market pair.
lownumberThe lowest price of the market pair.
closenumberThe closing price of the market pair.
volumenumberThe volume expressed in base units. For example, ETH-BTC, volume would be in ETH.

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