Data Types


Unless otherwise specified, all timestamps from the API are returned as milliseconds in UNIX Epoch time, and all timestamps are expressed in UTC.


Unless otherwise specified, all values and balances returned will be in the lowest denomination of the blockchain. For instance, with the Ethereum blockchain all values will be in wei.

There is a field throughout the different endpoints called timestampNanoseconds, which we've added in preparation for blockchains with faster block times. None of the Ethereum blockchains have nanoseconds or even microsecond granularity, which is why it's always returned "0". For Centralized Exchange's, if the exchange offers it, it will be displayed. If not, it will return "0".


A response may return a records field which contains an array of objects. The totalRecords field will indicate the total number of objects that exist. The number of objects returned in the records array by default is 100. The maximum number of results that can be returned at a time is 1000. To get the next 100 or 1000 records use the page query parameter to request the next page.


Transaction types:
0 - Unknown
1 - Contract creation by a contract
2 - Contract creation by an EOA
3 - Contract to contract
4 - Contract to EOA
5 - EOA to contract
6 - EOA to EOA