Getting Started


At we provide a rich set of high quality, real-time, raw & augmented blockchain data. The Amberdata API enables you to easily gain access to this data.

You can access the data in different ways:

  • REST - Access comprehensive historical data with our RESTful APIs, designed for seamless integration and retrieval of extensive time-series information.
  • Websockets - Connect to our Websockets API for instantaneous, real-time data streaming, ensuring minimal latency for dynamic and responsive applications.
  • RPC - Utilize our RPC interface for direct and efficient queries to our blockchain nodes, offering you unfettered access to decentralized data with precision.
  • Amazon S3 - Access and download vast archives of historical data, systematically organized and delivered daily in the highly efficient Apache Parquet format via Amazon S3.
  • Snowflake - Harness the power of Snowflake for dynamic data analysis within a cloud-native platform, offering advanced SQL querying capabilities and seamless scalability.
  • BigQuery - Utilize BigQuery for comprehensive data analysis, leveraging Google's advanced infrastructure and smart analytics with interactive SQL queries.
  • Databricks - Leverage Databricks integrated with Unity Catalog for your analytics, using pre-defined templates, notebooks and dashboards.

The OpenAPI specification for the REST API is also available here. Now we're ready for the next step, retrieving data!