Getting Started


At we provide a rich set of high quality, real-time, raw & augmented blockchain data. Web3api enables you to easily gain access to this data.

You can access the data in different ways:

  • REST - Access comprehensive historical data with our RESTful APIs, designed for seamless integration and retrieval of extensive time-series information.
  • Websockets - Connect to our Websockets API for instantaneous, real-time data streaming, ensuring minimal latency for dynamic and responsive applications.
  • FIX - Leverage the robustness of the FIX protocol to obtain reliable and secure Market Data, facilitating swift and standardized financial information exchange.
  • RPC - Utilize our RPC interface for direct and efficient queries to our blockchain nodes, offering you unfettered access to decentralized data with precision.
  • Amazon S3 - Access and download vast archives of historical data, systematically organized and delivered daily in the highly efficient Apache Parquet format via Amazon S3.
  • Snowflake - Harness the power of Snowflake for dynamic data analysis within a cloud-native platform, offering advanced SQL querying capabilities and seamless scalability.
  • BigQuery - Utilize BigQuery for comprehensive data analysis, leveraging Google's advanced infrastructure and smart analytics with interactive SQL queries.

The OpenAPI specification for the REST API is also available here. Now we're ready for the next step, retrieving data!