Getting Started


At we provide a rich set of high quality, real-time, raw & augmented blockchain data. Web3api enables you to easily gain access to this data.


Every request (with the exception of Websockets) requires this header:


The request will be refused if this header is missing or an invalid API Key is provided (see Authentication for more details on obtaining an API Key).

Example Request:

curl -X GET \
     -H  "accept: application/json" \
     -H  "x-api-key: <api_key>" \

You can explore the API in different ways:

  • REST - for all your historical data needs
  • RPC - to send transactions to the blockchain
  • Websockets - typically for real-time, low-latency applications
  • FIX - to retrieve Market Data via the Financial Information eXchange protocol

The OpenAPI specification for the REST API is also available here.

Now we're ready for the next step, retrieving data!