Hourly & Daily Reference Rates

Retrieve the historical (time series) hourly and daily reference rates for a specific asset.



Your API key must be authorized to access this feature. Please reach out to your Amberdata Account Executive.


Time Range Limit

The maximum time range (difference between endDate and startDate) is 2 years.

Potential Use-Cases

You can use the reference rates to analyze the hourly price trends of an asset.

Sample Visualization

The responses from this endpoint can be visualized like this

Response Data

Fields and paths are relative to the top-level payload field i.e. metadata.next is equivalent to payload.metadata.next.

JSON Field/PathValue TypeOptionalDescription
data.assetARCIdstringThe unique identifier of this asset within Amberdata's products.
data.assetSymbolstringThe human readable abbreviation of the asset's name.
data.assetNamestringThe complete human readable name of the asset.
data.currencystringThe fiat asset that the reference rate is expressed in. Defaults to United States Dollars (USD).
data.referenceRates[index].timestampnumber | stringThe timestamp of the calculated reference rate.
data.referenceRates[index].unitPricenumberThe reference rate for a single unit of this asset at timestamp expressed in currency.

Supported Timezones

For the query parameter dailyTime the following timezones are supported

Daily Time ISO8601 ValueTime & Geographical LocationUTC Time Equivalent
16:00-04:004 pm New York8 pm (20:00)
16:00-05:004 pm New York9 pm (21:00)
16:00+00:004 pm London4 pm (16:00)
16:00+01:004 pm London3 pm (15:00)
16:00+09:004 pm Tokyo7 am (07:00)
16:00+08:004 pm Singapore & Hong Kong8 am (08:00)
16:00+04:004 pm Dubai12 pm (12:00)

There are two entries for New York and London to account for Daylight Savings Time and British Summer Time respectively.

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