Retrieves all token transfers involving the specified address.

If you intend to traverse all the token-transfers, it is recommended to specify the flag direction=ascending, which will guarantee that the pagination is stable and will not change with the arrival of new token-transfers.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon.

Response Data

recordsarrayArray of token transfer objects.
totalRecordsnumberTotal number of token transfers returned in the response.
amountstringThe amount transferred in the smallest unit of the blockchain. For instance, wei with Ethereum.
Important note: If the token type is ERC721, the amount value represents the token id
blockHashstringThe header hash of the block containing this token transfer.
blockNumberstringThe number of the block containing this token transfer.
blockchainIdstringThe id of the blockchain on which the transaction resides.
decimalsstringThe number of significant digits, per smart contract definition
(-1 means that information was not advertised by the contract).
fromobjectThe address hash of the sender.
isERCXbooleantrue if the token is ERCX false otherwise.
logIndexstringThe index of the log in the transaction.
namestringThe token name.
symbolstringThe token symbol.
timestampnumberThe time of when the transaction was confirmed.
timestampNanosecondsnumberThe nano second part of the timestamp, where applicable.
toarrayThe address hash(es) of the recipient(s).
tokenAddressstringThe address of the token contract.
transactionHashstringThe hash of the transaction.
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