Retrieves Market Capitalization of supported assets/tokens


Supported Assets/Tokens

The endpoint provides a list of assets/tokens that have been meticulously curated and validated by Amberdata. Should you notice any asset/token of interest not included, please inform our support team to ensure its addition to our collection.


Endpoint Behavior

Historical Data Support

The earliest date from which the endpoint can provide information on assets/tokens is January 10, 2024.

In the case of assets/tokens recently added, the historical data available starts from the date Amberdata initiated data collection for that specific asset/token.

Should there be no Market Capitalization data collected by Amberdata for a requested date, the endpoint will yield an empty JSON array [].

Data Collection Intervals

The Market Capitalization data is refreshed every 8 hours. Consequently, the marketcap endpoint delivers updated information three times daily.

Response Data

JSON Field/PathValue TypeOptionalDescription
namestringThe asset/token name
blockchainSlugstringThe blockchain slug
circulatingSupplystringThe most accurate estimate of the quantity of asset/tokens available in the market and tradeable by the public
marketCapUSDstringThe total market value of the asset/token's circulating supply.
marketcap = circulatingSupply * priceUSD
maxSupplystringThe maximum number of asset/token's coded to exist in the lifetime of the asset/token (null if infinite)
priceUSDstringThe price of the asset/token at the date of collecting it's respective circulating supply
symbolstringThe symbol of the asset/token
timestampstringThe timestamp associated to the asset/token record
totalSupplystringThe number of asset/tokens in existence minus any asset/tokens that have been burned (null if infinite)
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