Retrieves the logs for the transactions where this address is either the originator or a recipient.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Ethereum.

Response Data

totalRecordsnumberThe total number of log objects.
recordsarrayAn array of record objects containing data on individual logs.
addressstringThe originator or recipient address of the transaction log.
blockHashstringThe block header hash of the block containing this log.
blockNumberstringThe blocknumber of the block containing this log.
blockchainIdstringThe blockchain Id of the blockchain that contains this address.
dataarrayContains the non-indexed arguments of the log.
dataSizenumberThe size of the data contained in the data field.
logIndexstringThe index of the log in the transaction.
removedbooleantrue when the log was removed, due to a chain reorganization and false if its a valid log.
timestampnumberThe time of when the log was emitted
timestampNanosecondsnumberThe nano second part of the timestamp, where applicable.
topicsarrayAn array containing the event hash at topics[0] and it's indexed parameters at topics[1...n].
transactionHashstringThe transaction hash.
transactionIndexstringThe index of the transaction within the block.
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