Provider Return Since Inception

Retrieves a liquidity provider's return since inception (the first time they provided liquidity or received LP tokens) including fees earned, impermanent loss and related metadata. These values are calculated daily at midnight UTC.


Protocols Supported

This endpoint only supports Uniswap v2.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint only supports data from ethereum-mainnet.


Not specifying date

If the date query parameter is not provided, the API will return the latest data, meaning from inception (first mint) date up to the current date.


positionOpen: false

When positionOpen is false, that means the liquidity provider is no longer providing liquidity in the pool at the given date. Hence impermanentLoss and return will be 0 since there is no liquidity position.

Response Data

FieldTypeDescription[index].protocolstringThe name of the protocol, i.e. "uniswapv2".[index].timestampnumberThe UTC midnight timestamp at which the results were calculated.[index].firstLiquidityEventnumberThe first time the holderAddress provided liquidity to the pool.[index].poolAddressstringThe address of the token, i.e. the address of the pair or liquidity pool.[index].holderAddressstringThe address of the token holder, i.e. the address of the liquidity provider.[index].token0AddressstringThe address of token0, i.e. the first token in the pool.[index].token1AddressstringThe address of token1, i.e. the second token in the pool.[index].token0IfHeldnumberToken0 the liquidity provider holds at the end of the query interval if they simply held them in his wallet instead of providing liquidity.[index].token1IfHeldnumberToken1 position if the liquidity provider simply held these tokens and did not provide liquidity.[index].token0LpnumberToken0 the liquidity provider holds at the end of the query interval.[index].token1LpnumberToken1 the liquidity provider holds at the end of the query interval.[index].change0numberThe difference between tokens0Lp and Tokens0IfHeld less fees. change0 = tokens0IfHeld - (tokens0Lp - fees0Total)[index].change1numberThe difference between tokens1Lp and Tokens1IfHeld less fees. change1 = tokens1IfHeld - (tokens1Lp - fees1Total)[index].fees0TotalnumberToken0 fees earned. fees0Total = fees0Unclaimed + fees0Claimed.[index].fees1TotalnumberToken1 fees earned. fees1Total = fees1Unclaimed + fees1Claimed.[index].fees0UnclaimednumberToken0 earned in trading fees that is unclaimed.[index].fees1UnclaimednumberToken1 earned in trading fees that is unclaimed.[index].fees0ClaimednumberToken0 earned in trading fees that is claimed (as a result of burns or transfers).[index].fees1ClaimednumberToken1 earned in trading fees that is claimed (as a result of burns or transfers).[index].positionOpenbooleanIndicates if the liquidity provider (holderAddress) still has liquidity in the pool i.e. they have not burned all their liquidity at this point in time.[index].lastLiquidityPositionstringIf positionOpen: false, this property provides the timestamp at which holderAddress removed the last of their liquidity from the pool.[index].price0numberPrice of token0 in USD.[index].price1numberPrice of token1 in USD.[index].feesnumberTotal fees earned in USD.[index].feesClaimednumberTotal fees claimed in USD.[index].feesUnclaimednumberTotal fees unclaimed in USD.[index].impermanentLossnumberLoss in USD as a result of providing liquidity (relative to holding).[index].returnnumberTotal USD return.
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