Amberdata APIs provide insights into the most popular DeFi decentralized exchange (DEX) and lending protocols.

Supported DeFi Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

DEX Protocol Name

Supported DeFi Lending Protocols

Protocol Name

API Benefits

For the DeFi ecosystem, Amberdata offers lens APIs that enable you to analyze the DEX or lending protocols in the following ways

  1. All activity across the protocol i.e. Lens - Protocol
  2. Activity pertaining to a specific wallet interacting with the protocol i.e Lens - Wallet
  3. Activity pertaining to a specific asset interacting with the protocol i.e. Lens - Asset


  1. Activity pertaining to a specific liquidity pool within in the protocol i.e. Lens - Pool
  2. Automatic pagination

Protocol vs. Supported Blockchains

X indicates support. An empty cell indicates not supported.

Protocol NameProtocol VersionEthereumPolygonAvalancheOptimismArbitrum

Amberdata APIs support multiple versions of each protocol when applicable.

For lending, please see the Information - Lending Protocols API, which is recommended for discovering the supported protocol versions and associated blockchains.

API Response Pagination

The API will automatically generate the URL for the next page of results when applicable.

The URL for the next page is found under the payload.metadata.next property for a 200 - OK HTTP response like so

  "status": 200,
  "title": "OK",
  "description": "Successful request",
  "payload": {
    "metadata": {
      "next": "https://web3api.io/api/v2/defi/lending/compoundv2/assets/ZRX?cursor=N4IgRgNg9gxg1jAFgQwJYDsCSATEAuEARhgE5SA2EgBnIFYAzGbY%2BkAGhAAcAnKAF1hQIOfCBhQAtpygBXdNgBuAJnYgJybnACmffOhkQIHDDAgzsWgIKGAKt2ToAzshh9UUdAFEFW9H0f49MgQjlocbhJaAGJQ3Oq6BIgy6ugASlrI2MiQWqrYqNxaru7oopYAygDCqo58GnwAIsh8uXiE5OSEACwkXYQA7AAcVCMcvthNLfjtnSTUXSOLHI6oAF6thKMgFj7QnFrcALJQFoHBoRz0sfGiAFaOHqqcyADmGxyxqC8YweV13I1mhs6CQAMyEJSLJYgT7fdDBTzySbA2bzKFUDjIRyhPgiAhUAAeWj62CUXUGJFo-UI2FBSiUhApZPIWSCtC0YAshHoXUoJB5JEGqggWL4NlQkVqyCkohm3V6AyFHBFtQAMlAXph5FoCdNwQBfIA"

As an API user, to access the next page of results you should

  1. Retrieve the URL from payload.metadata.next
  2. Copy your request headers from your initial API call e.g. x-api-key, x-amberdata-blockchain-id etc.
  3. Make a HTTP GET request with the next page URL and the copied headers