Get metrics for a specific blockchain.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Polygon.

Response Data

algorithmstringThe mining algorithm used to establish cryptographic proofs for the components of a block
blockchainIdstringThe unique id of the blockchain
colorstringThe hexadecimal color code of the blockchains logo
consensusstringShort name for the consensus mechanism used. Example: PoW - Proof of Work
decimalsstringThe blockchain own native decimal base denomination
iconstringAn image of the blockchain logo
namestringThe human friendly name of the blockchain
networkstringThe classification of the blockchain, denoting how it is used. Example: Mainnet - the public network accessible by all internet connected devices.
sizeTotalnumberThe total size of disk used by the blockchain data
slugstringA short name used for human friendly access of blockchain filtering
unitstringThe name of the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency (the base)
utilitystringThe type of payment a user pays to process a transaction
websitestringThe URL address of the blockchain
whitepaperstringThe URL address of the blockchain's whitepaper
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