Balances Latest

Retrieves the tokens this address is holding.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.

Response Data

totalRecordsnumberThe total number of records returned.
recordsarrayAn array containing details about a token owned by the specified address.
addressstringThe contract address of the token.
amountstringThe total amount of of tokens held.
blockchainIdstringThe id of the blockchain on which this token resides.
decimalsstringThe number of significant digits, per smart contract definition
(-1 means that information was not advertised by the contract).
isERCXbooleantrue if the token is ERCX false otherwise.
namestringThe token name.
symbolstringThe token symbol.
holderstringThe holder address
tokenAddressstringThe token address (Solana only)
tokenAccountAddressstringThe token account address (Solana only)
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