market:spot:prices:updates [OND]

Subscribes to market prices updates, optionally filtered by pair.

Make sure you're connected to this subscription: wss://


All pairs:


Specific pair or exchange:


pairstringThe asset pair by which to filter.


"result": {
  "delistedPair": false,
  "delta": 0.00000505928571428572,
  "isNewPair": false,
  "pair":" eth_btc",
  "previousPrice": 0.027663041428571428,
  "previousTimestamp": 1562017440000,
  "price": 0.027668100714285715,
  "timestamp": 1562017500000,
  "unchangedPrice": false
delistedPairbooltrue if pair has been delisted. false otherwise.
deltaThe dollar value change in price since last update.
isNewPairbooltrue if pair is new. false otherwise.
pairstringThe pair.
previousPriceThe price at time of last update.
previousTimestampThe time of the last update.
pricenumberThe quote price of the asset pair.
timestampnumberThe time at which the price change took place.
unchangedPricebooltrue if price hasn't changed since last update. false otherwise.


const WebSocket = require('ws');
const ws = new WebSocket('wss://', {headers: {x-api-key:'<api_key>'}});

ws.on('open', () => {
      jsonrpc: '2.0',
      method: 'subscribe',
      params: ["market:spot:prices:updates",{ "pair": "ltc_usdt"}],
      id: 1,

ws.on('message', data => {
  console.log(JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(data), null, 2));