Volatility Index Decorated

This endpoint returns the value of the BTC (or other altcoin) VIX. Along with the volatility index we are also returned underlying volatility surface datapoints (such as skew) and underlying spot prices.

payload.metadata.api-versionstringVersion of the API.
payload.data[index].atmnumberThe "at-the-money" price.
payload.data[index].closenumberThe close value.
payload.data[index].currencystringThe currency.
payload.data[index].daysAgonumberValue reflect difference between today and timestamp
payload.data[index].delta50numberImplied Volatility of the 30-dte ∆50 option
payload.data[index].deltaCall25numberImplied Volatility of the 30-dte ∆25 call.
payload.data[index].deltaPut25numberImplied Volatility of the 30-dte ∆25 put.
payload.data[index].delta25RrSkewnumberValue of the ∆25 risk-reversal (∆25C - ∆25P)
payload.data[index].daysToExpirationnumberRemaining DTE (daysToExpiration).
payload.data[index].exchangestringThe exchange.
payload.data[index].exchangeTimestampnumber | stringThe date & time as provided by the exchange.
payload.data[index].highnumberThe high value.
payload.data[index].indexPricenumberThe index price (spot).
payload.data[index].instrumentstringThe name of the instrument as provided by exchange.
payload.data[index].lownumberThe low value.
payload.data[index].opennumberThe open value.
payload.data[index].underlyingPricenumberThe underlying price (ex: Deribit options are future options, the underlying is not spot but the corresponding future).

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