Uniswap v3 Liquidity Distribution

This API provides the current distribution of the liquidity in a specified Uniswap v3 pool.


Handling Tick Ranges

Uniswap v3 pools have tens of thousands of ticks! We strongly recommend that you use the price*USDMin and price*USDMax query parameters to filter for a select range of liquidity distribution you are interested in.


Filtering by token USD price

You cannot mix the price filters for token 0 and token 1. You can only use price0USD* or price1USD* query parameters.


Response Tick Range

If no price filters are specified via query parameters, this endpoint will return data starting from a minimum of 5000 ticks below the current/active tick, and ending at 5000 ticks above the current/active tick. 5000 ticks, above or below, is also the maximum this endpoint can display


Current Trading Price

Use the query parameter activeTick=true to get the current trading price of the tokens in the liquidity pool.


Data Freshness

The liquidity distribution is up to date with the most recent block.

Potential Use-Cases

You can use the liquidity distribution data of a pool as an order book or sentiment indicator of what prices liquidity providers believe the tokens will trade at.

Sample Visualization

The responses from this endpoint can be visualized like this

Notes: Data is from 2023-05-19.

Note: Data is from 2023-05-19.

Response Data

payload.data[index].isActiveTickbooleanIndicates if this tickIndex is the current trading price of the pool.
payload.data[index].liquiditystringThe units of liquidity locked at this tickIndex
payload.data[index].price0USDnumberThe current US dollar value of token 0 at this tickIndex
payload.data[index].price1USDnumberThe current US dollar value of token 1 at this tickIndex
payload.data[index].token0AmountLockednumberThe native amount of token 0 locked at this tickIndex
payload.data[index].token1AmountLockednumberThe native amount of token 1 locked at this tickIndex
payload.data[index].tickIndexnumberThe Uniswap v3 representation of price e.g. price(tickIndex) = 1.0001tickIndex
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