Retrieves the historical (time series) trade data for the specified spot instrument.


Time Range Limit

The maximum time range (difference between startDate and endDate) is 731 days (2 years).


Not specifying startDate and endDate

If the startDate and endDate query parameters are not provided, the API will return the data from the previous 24 hours.



Bitmex is currently not supported. It will be added soon.


Fields and paths are relative to the top-level payload field i.e. metadata.next is equivalent to payload.metadata.next.

JSON Field/PathValue TypeOptionalDescription
data[index].instrumentstringThe spot instrument that was traded.
data[index].exchangestringThe exchange on which the trade was executed.
data[index].exchangeTimestampstring | numberThe timestamp at which the trade was executed.
data[index].exchangeTimestampNanosecondsnumberThe nanosecond portion of the exchangeTimestamp.
data[index].isBuySidebooleanYestrue is the trade if a buy, false otherwise.
data[index].pricenumberThe price at which the instrument traded.
data[index].volumenumberThe total amount of the base asset of the instrument that was traded.
data[index].tradeIdstringThe unique identifier of the trade. Some exchanges do not provide this value.
data[index].quoteVolumenumberYesThe total amount of the quote asset of the instrument that was traded.

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