Retrieves the historical time series tickers for the specified instrument and exchange(s).


Time Range Limit

The maximum time range (difference between startDate and endDate) is 1 hour.


Not specifying startDate and endDate

If the startDate and endDate query parameters are not provided, the API will return the data from the previous hour.

metadataobjectThe metadata associated with the data.
metadata.startDate`numberstring`The first date/time for which data is available.
metadata.endDate`numberstring`The last date/time for which data is available.
dataarrayThe tickers data
data.exchangestringThe name of the exchange.
data.timestampnumber or stringThe timestamp.
data.bid`numbernull`The bid of the market pair.
data.ask`numbernull`The ask of the market pair.
data.mid`numbernull`The mid of the market pair.
data.last`numbernull`The last of the market pair.
data.bidVolume`numbernull`It represents the requested order size of all best bids.
data.askVolume`numbernull`It represents the requested order size of all best asks.
data.sequence`numbernull`The sequence number (equal to null if it is not provided by the exchange).
data.underlyingPrice`stringnull`Underlying price for implied volatility calculations.
data.underlyingIndex`stringnull`Name of the underlying future, or indexPrice.
data.stats.high`numbernull`Highest price during 24h.
data.stats.low`numbernull`Lowest price during 24h.
data.stats.volume`numbernull`Volume during last 24h in base currency.
data.stats.price_change`numbernull`24-hour price change expressed as a percentage, null if there weren't any trades.
data.state`stringnull`The state of the order book. Possible values are open and closed.
data.settlementPrice`numbernull`The settlement price for the instrument. Only when state = open.
data.openInterest`numbernull`The total amount of outstanding contracts in the corresponding amount units. For perpetual and futures the amount is in USD units, for options it is amount of corresponding cryptocurrency contracts, e.g., BTC or ETH.
data.minPrice`numbernull`The minimum price for the future. Any sell orders you submit lower than this price will be clamped to this minimum.
data.maxPrice`numbernull`The maximum price for the future. Any buy orders you submit higher than this price, will be clamped to this maximum.
data.markPrice`numbernull`The mark price for the instrument.
data.markIv`numbernull`Implied volatility for mark price.
data.interestRate`numbernull`Interest rate used in implied volatility calculations.
data.indexPrice`numbernull`Current index price.
data.greeks.delta`numbernull`The delta value for the option.
data.greeks.gamma`numbernull`The gamma value for the option.
data.greeks.rho`numbernull`The rho value for the option.
data.greeks.theta`numbernull`The theta value for the option.
data.greeks.vega`numbernull`The vega value for the option.
data.estimatedDeliveryPrice`numbernull`Estimated delivery price for the market.
data.bidIv`numbernull`Implied volatility for best bid.
data.askIv`numbernull`Implied volatility for best ask.

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