Token Rankings Latest

Retrieves the top ranked Ethereum tokens by a specific metric.

Response Data

dataarrayThe token ratings data.
metadataobjectThe metadata associated with the token ratings data.
totalRecordsstringThe total number of records.
addressstringThe token address.
changeInPricestringThe change in price within the time interval.
currentPricestringThe current token price.
decimalsstringThe number of significant digits, per smart contract definition.
isERCXbooleantrue if the token is ERCX false otherwise.
marketCapstringThe token's market cap.
namestringThe name of the token.
rankingnumberThe rank according to the specified metric.
symbolstringThe token's symbol.
tokenVelocitystringThe token's velocity.
transactionVolumestringThe token's transactions volume.
uniqueAddressesstringThe number of unique addresses that hold the token.
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