Retrieves the historical prices (and other market information) for the specified token from October 2019 forward.

Note: This endpoint returns a max of 6 months of historical data. In order to get more than 6 months you must use the startDate & endDate parameters to move the time frame window to get the next n days/months of data.

Response Data

dataarrayThe historical token price data.
metadataobjectThe metadata associated with the token price data.
columnsarrayThe name of the columns associated with the returned data e.g. [ timestamp, priceUSD, ...].
timestampstringThe timestamp associated with this record.
priceUSDstringThe price of the token in USD.
hourlyPercentChangeUSDstringThe hourly percent change of the token in USD.
dailyPercentChangeUSDstringThe daily percent change of the token in USD.
dailyVolumeUSDstringThe daily volume of the token in USD.
weeklyPercentChangeUSDstringThe weekly percent change of the token in USD.
circulatingSupplystringThe circulating supply of the token.
totalSupplystringThe total supply of the token.
marketCapUSDstringThe market cap of the token in USD.
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