Asset Rankings Historical

Retrieves the top ranked assets, tokens and native coins, by a specific metric.

Response Data

dataarrayAn array of market data rank objects.
addressstringThe address of the asset.
currentPricestringThe current price of the asset.
decimalsstringThe assets degree of precision.
marketCapstringThe fully diluted market cap of the asset in USD.
liquidMarketCapstringThe liquid market cap of the asset.
namestringThe name of the asset.
platformstringThe blockchain for the asset.
rankstringThe rank of the asset according to the sortType param.
symbolstringThe asset symbol.
circulatingSupplystringThe circulating supply of the asset.
totalSupplystringThe total supply of the asset.
maxSupplystringThe max supply of the asset.
blockchainobjectContains data pertaining to the asset.
blockchainIdstringThe unique id for the blockchain and network in which this asset resides.
namestringThe name of the asset.
slugstringThe asset slug.
symbolstringThe asset symbol.
iconstringA url pointing to the image file of the asset icon.
timestampstringThe time at which the metrics were calculated.
metadataobjectContains extra data associated with the response. In this case, the totalRecords.
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