Retrieves all the tokens which were transferred at the specified block number.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Ethereum and Polygon.

Response Data

metadataobjectThe metadata associated with the token transfer data.
dataarrayThe token transfer data corresponding to the columns fields.
columnsarrayThe name of the columns associated with the returned data e.g. [ timestamp, tokenAddress, ...].
timestampnumberThe time when the transfer occurred.
tokenAddressstringThe contract address of the token.
fromstringThe sending address.
tostringThe receiving address.
amountstringThe amount of tokens transferred.
Important note: If the token type is ERC721, the amount value represents the token id
blockNumberstringThe number of the block that contains the token transfer.
transactionHashstringThe hash of the transaction in which the transfer occurred.
endDatenumberThe end of the time frame.
startDatenumberThe start of the time frame.
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