Retrieves the functions of the specified contract (if available) - if not available on chain, the byte code is decompiled and a list of functions is extracted from it.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Ethereum.

Response Data

payloadarrayAn array of every contract function along with details about each function.
inputsarrayAn array of the function's parameter including its name and type.
namestringThe name of the function parameter.
typestringThe type of the function parameter (i.e. unit256).
textSignaturestringThe human readable function name. If unavailable the 4 byte signature will be displayed instead.
hexadecimalSignaturestringThe 4 byte signature of the function.
fullHexadecimalSignaturestringThe full signature of the function.
namestringThe name of the function.
typestringThe type: function or event.
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