Internal Messages

Retrieves internal messages where this address is either the originator or a recipient.

If you intend to traverse all the internal-messages, it is recommended to specify the flag direction=ascending, which will guarantee that the pagination is stable and will not change with the arrival of new internal messages.

Please note that the returned payload can sometimes contain less records than the requested size - this is due to duplicates that can occur when the from and the to of a transaction are identical.
In order to terminate the pagination effectively, please paginate until the returned payload is empty, do no rely on the size of the payload itself.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Ethereum.

Response Data

recordsarrayArray of transaction objects.
totalRecordsnumberTotal number of transactions returned in the response.
blockNumberstringThe block number of the block containing this internal message.
blockchainIdstringThe id of the blockchain on which this internal message resides.
depthnumberThe call stack depth of the function call.
errorstringThe error message if applicable—empty if there is no error.
fromstringAddress from which the internal message originated.
initialGasstringThe gas amount before executing the function code.
inputstringThe input data to the function.
messageIndexnumberInternal identification for the function calls of a transaction.
opcodestringThe name of opcode.
optionalPropertiesstringAdditional properties specified during ingestion.
returnValuestringThe return value of the function.
timestampnumberTime when the function call was executed.
timestampNanosecondsnumberThe nano second part of the timestamp, where applicable.
tostringThe address of the contract executing the code.
transactionHashstringThe hash of the transaction that contains this internal message.
valuestringThe value of the transaction in the smallest unit of the blockchain. For instance, wei with Ethereum. See full value conversion reference here.
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