Trade Data is a general term for tick-by-tick data, or all executed transactions occurring on a decentralized exchange. The list of decentralized exchanges we support can be found here.


Our trade datasets consist of all tick-by-tick trade data, normalized and timestamped. We have trade data from decentralized exchanges and protocols starting from their genesis blocks and add new exchanges on a continual basis. We provide historical trade data via our REST API for all assets on each exchange we support.

For every DEX that we support, we pull all data directly from the blockchain. This is because we run our own nodes and listen to every event on every chain we support.

API Endpoints

DeFi Trades



Our Trade endpoints provide historical (time series) trade data for the specified pair or instrument. The data is available via REST API and is limited to 30 days of historical data per request. Our coverage can be found by querying our Information endpoints listed above.

Since we maintain our own nodes, we have every event from the genesis (Ethereum for example) block forward which enables us to provide the complete historical dataset for all the protocols we support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there only historical trade data?

  • Everything in DeFi is post-trade as there are no order books.

How do you normalize the tick-by-tick trade data?

  • Tick-by-tick trade data is normalized with the nomenclature asset_asset. This will have the same format regardless of the exchange or the pair.

How do you collect/extract DEX data?

  • We pull all of our DEX data directly from the protocol. This is because we run our own nodes and listen to every event on every chain we support.

Are centralized exchanges covered in DeFi Trade data?

  • No. Please see our Market Data section for more information.

There is no trade data for an exchange or protocol I am interested in - what do I do?

  • We cover the top DeFi exchanges, but if we’re missing one you are interested in, please contact us. Chances are, we’re already working on it!