Retrieves the list of all available Swaps datasets.


Related Endpoints

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  1. Trades Historical

Response Data

payload.{exchange}objectExchange object, contains a list of pairs supported by the exchange.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}objectPair object, contains information about the pair.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.pairSymbolstringThe human readable abbreviation for the token pair.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.addressstringThe address of the token (if applicable).
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.baseAddressstringThe address of the underlying base for the pair.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.baseNamestringThe human readable name of the base asset.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.baseSymbolstringThe human readable abbreviation of the baseName.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.baseDecimalsstringThe decimals for the base asset.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.quoteAddressstringThe address of the underlying quote for the pair.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.quoteNamestringThe human readable name of the quote asset.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.quoteSymbolstringThe human readable abbreviation of the quoteName.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.quoteDecimalsstringThe decimals for the quote asset.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.blockchainIdstringThe unique identified of the blockchain that this pair trades on.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.poolAddressesstring[]The same as baseAddress and quoteAddress.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.poolFeesstringThe trading fees for the liquidity pool.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.pairNamestringThe human readable name for the pair.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.poolNamesstring[]The same as baseName and quoteName.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.poolSymbolsstring[]The same as baseSymbol and quoteSymbol.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.poolDecimalsstring[]The same as baseDecimals and quoteDecimals.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.startDatenumberFirst available data point.
payload.{exchange}.{pair}.endDatenumberLast available data point.
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