Retrieves the latest tickers for the specified instrument and exchange(s).


Deprecation Notice

This endpoint is now considered a legacy version and will be deprecated on March 4, 2024. We strongly encourage all users to migrate to the new version of this endpoint for improved performance, enhanced features, and better support. The new version can be found here.

For details on the new versioning, please visit this page here. We recommend updating your applications at the earliest convenience to ensure uninterrupted service and access to the latest functionalities.

For any questions or assistance during migration, please contact our support team at [email protected].


exchangestringThe name of the exchange.
timestampnumber or stringThe time at which the event occurred.
bidnumberThe bid price for instrument.
asknumberThe ask price for instrument.
midnumberThe mid price for instrument.
lastnumberThe last price for instrument.
sequencenumber | nullThe sequence number (equal to null if it is not provided by the exchange).
bidVolumenumber | nullIt represents the requested order size of all best bids.
askVolumenumber | nullIt represents the requested order size of all best asks.
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