Retrieves every address that has been seen on the network. Without any parameters, returns all the known addresses on the blockchain, order by time of first appearance (ie when they first transacted) in reverse order, meaning the most recent addresses first. When used with a specific address, returns information about the address and the first time (block and transaction hash) it appeared on the blockchain.


Blockchains Supported

This endpoint supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Polygon.

Response Data

recordsarrayAn array of address objects.
creator*stringThe address which deployed this contract and null if it is an EOA.
firstBlockNumberobjectThe block where the address was first encountered on the network.
firstTransactionHashstringThe hash of the first transaction the address ever made.
hash.addressstringThe address.
timestampnumberThe time when the address was first encountered on the network.
typestringThe type of address EOA or contract.
totalRecordsnumberTotal number of address objects returned in a response.

**Applys to contract addresses

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