Latest [ENT]

Retrieves the latest liquidations for the specified instrument and exchange(s).


exchangestringThe name of the exchange.
timestampnumber or stringThe time at which the liquidation occurred.
originalQuantitynumberThe original quantity before the liquidation occurred.
pricenumberThe price of the instrument at the time of the liquidation.
sidestringThe direction of the trade.
statusstringThe status of the liquidation.
typestringThe type of liquidation.
timeInForcestringHow long the order is to remain active before it is executed or expires, for example:
- IOC: immediate-or-cancel
- FOK: fill-or-kill
- GTC: good-'till-canceled
- etc
actionstringThe type of action taken during the liquidation process (for example: delete, insert, update, etc).
orderIdstringThe order identifier.
unitstring | nullThe units are on originalQuantity
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