Standard Header

8BeginStringYStringIdentifies the beginning of the message and protocol version.8=FIX4.4
9BodyLengthYLengthMessage length, in bytes, forward to the CheckSum field.9=286
35MsgTypeYStringDefines the message type (A=Logon, 0=Heartbeat, etc).35=A
49SenderCompIDYStringIdentifier for the sender of the
56TargetCompIDYStringIdentifier for the receiver of the
34MsgSeqNumYSeqNumThe unique sequence number for the message within the current FIX session.
Resets at Logon, Logout and Disconnect.
62SendingTimeYUTCTimestampTime of message transmission (expressed in UTC - YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.sss).52=20210413-05:51:15.877

Note that in order to successfully connect to the Amberdata's server, you need to:

  • use the string Amberdata as the TargetCompID
  • use your API key as the SenderCompId